Bill Holmes and engineers in Bhutan
Planning feasible tsunami evacuation, Padang

We're on the ground before disasters,

helping communities prepare.

Our partners are local engineers, scientists, government officials, universities, builders and leaders. Together, we devise affordable solutions to protect people from harm.

Natural disasters strike rich and poor countries alike, but in low income countries the average number of deaths per disaster is many times higher. And every year, disaster damages thrust millions into deeper poverty. We work to mitigate risk in these countries, where exposure to natural hazards is increasing with rapid, uncontrolled growth.

Success appears ordinary, but it's not. Children attending earthquake-resistant schools. Hospitals that can function in crises. Engineers and geologists trained to abate risk. Planners able to regulate growth. Each person practiced in how to respond. 


GeoHazards International's mission is to end preventable death and suffering from natural disasters. We help the world's most vulnerable communities prepare for earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, high wind, floods, major storms and impacts of climate change. Our vision is that communities can continue their economic, political, and cultural development despite natural hazards.

Founded in 1991, GeoHazards International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We have worked with communities in 30 countries around the globe. 

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Abid Shaban

"We want to work with GHI in order to learn methods of increasing earthquake safety that have been tested and proven effective elsewhere. Through GHI we can share valuable experiences with earthquake-threatened communities around the world."

Chairman | Aga Khan Housing Board for Pakistan | Karachi, Pakistan

Dr. Chen Yong

"In the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, more than half a million people lost their lives. When I entered the city early in the morning after the earthquake, the city was in rubble, dust hung in the air, and survivors sat on curbs, covered with dirt and blood, in stunned silence. That scene still haunts me. I joined GHI’s Board of Advisors in order to share the lessons I learned in Tangshan with others at risk around the world."

Professor | State Seismological Bureau | Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Beijing, China

Dr. Haresh C. Shah (right)

"It is time to commit expertise and resources to the problems faced by developing countries. GHI does so by providing education, awareness, and networking in these countries. this is what motivated my joining GHI's Board of Trustees, and my willingness to make a personal commitment of support." 

Obayashi Professor Emeritus of Engineering and Former Chairman | Civil Engineering Department | Stanford University

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization



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