GeoHazards International, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to end preventable death and suffering caused by natural disasters. Since 1991, we have worked with the world’s most vulnerable communities to develop and apply methods that will save lives. Our approach is based on preparation and mitigation for known risks, as this works to limit the impacts of natural disasters. Through international collaboration, partnership with local stakeholders, and sharing of proven risk reduction methods, we help build resilient communities that can continue their economic, political, and cultural development unimpeded by natural disasters.

Our Approach

  • Act before disasters    

  • Focus on the most vulnerable

  • Empower local professionals

  • Train with hands-on experience          

  • Promote best practices

  • Share global technical expertise & experience


Our Solutions

  • Raise awareness of risk and solutions

  • Build local technical capacity

  • Safeguard schools

  • Prepare hospitals

  • Improve building safety

  • Promote policies for safe growth

  • Characterize local hazard and vulnerability

  • Support community & family readiness