Our Strategy

Our Strategy at GeoHazards International is to engage closely with the communities that we serve and bring together the best resources for each situation. These six tenets embody how we approach our work.

The Way We Work

Empowering Communities to Be Safer from Disasters

At GeoHazards International, diversity is our strength.


We recognize that the societies we live in have a long way to go in ensuring racial equity, diversity, and inclusion for the good of all. Our board and staff commit to doing our part by: 

  • Maintaining the diversity of our staff

  • Increasing the diversity of our board

  • Considering the value of diversity when hiring consultants and vendors

  • Considering the value of diversity when selecting featured speakers for events/webinars

  • Investing in professional development and mentoring for our diverse staff

  • Self-examining organizational policies with a focus on diversity as part of our 2021 strategic plan

  • Bringing forward more diverse voices in our communications

  • Through our communications and images, acknowledging and emphasizing the value of the diversity of our team