School Disaster Plans: A Corporate-Community Effort

Delhi Area, India

A corporate partnership with schools taught students, faculty and parents about disaster risk, preparedness, and how to mitigate specific vulnerabilities in buildings.

Hands-On Seismic Retrofit Training

Delhi, India

Engineers gained on-the-job experience to design and install retrofit solutions for a large school, which cost less than to rebuild and became a model.

Seismic Resilience Evaluations


National engineers gained skills to assess structural vulnerability of schools, so that the government could prioritize replacement of schools with high earthquake risk.

Community Earthquake Education

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Created school programs and disseminated disaster awareness materials to over 50% of schoolchildren in cities with high seismic risk:Tashkent, Dushanbe and Almaty.

School Earthquake Drills


Students and staff of Tibetan schools in north India states first participated in a 2009 earthquake drill that now occurs annually and in many more schools across India.

Timon an Aksyon (Kids in Action)

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

In their own voice and style, youth share new knowledge about extreme earthquake and coastal risks and how to take action for disaster resilience.

Rapid Diagnostic of School Infrastructure


Findings about schools' vulnerability to natural hazards, climate change, and infrastructure deficiencies will inform plans to make schools safer and more resilient.

School Seismic Vulnerability Assessment

Amargadhi, Nepal

Findings indicate the extent of risk to schoolchildren in the typical school building types found in a fast-growing municipality in far west Nepal.

During an Earthquake: What's the Safest Action?

Global; Anse-a-Veau, Haiti

In the seconds when an earthquake begins a person’s immediate action can make a difference in safety. But what to do? Evidence-based guidance shows how to create messages for a local context.

Producing Affordable Earthquake Desks


Locally made Earthquake Desks are affordable, designed to withstand heavy loads, and provide safer cover in schools that are not yet earthquake resistant.

Disaster Scenarios Inform Action to Prepare

Far West and Mid-West Nepal

Scenarios of a plausible future earthquake quantify damage to local buildings, including more than 50% of schools. Findings help communities make choices to reduce extreme risk before a disaster.

Undergraduate Student Stem Internship

Aizawl, India

Under-represented undergraduates gained real-world experience in risk mitigation, to prepare for STEM careers and to cite in graduate school applications.

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