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Hospital Safety Manual

Location: India
Time frame: 2007-2009

GeoHazards International and reinsurer Swiss Re created this manual to show how to reduce hospital damage and losses from items that fall, rupture or topple during earthquakes. It offers clear instruction how to identify hazards and brace medical equipment and supplies, contents, architectural elements, and building utility systems. Damage to these items in past earthquakes has caused deaths, injuries, loss of building function, and economic loss, even when the building structure itself was essentially undamaged.


Download th manual Reducing Earthquake Risk in Hospitals from Equipment, Contents, Architectural Elements, and Building Utility Systems, and get started today!



This manual is a copyrighted document provided to you solely in order to help you to reduce your earthquake risk. You are free to download, distribute and transmit this manual, under the following conditions:


Notification. You must inform GeoHazards International (““) whenever you download, distribute or transmit this Manual for any purposes beyond your personal use.

Attribution.You must acknowledge that the manual was written by GeoHazards International and GeoHazards Society, with support from Swiss Re. You must display the logos of GeoHazards International, GeoHazards Society and Swiss Re on the cover of all copies of the publication.


Derivative Works. You may not create derivative works by altering the manual, or extracting or copying portions of it, without the express prior permission of GeoHazards International.


Noncommercial use only. You may not use the Manual for commercial purposes. You may not sell copies of the manual or charge a fee for its use.


Endorsement. You must not, in any way, suggest that GeoHazards International, GeoHazards Society, or Swiss Re endorses you or your use of the Manual.


Disclaimer. All parties, including but not limited to GeoHazards International, GeoHazards Society, and Swiss Reinsurance Company are not responsible for any earthquake damage or the consequences thereof that occur despite or because of the application of measures described in this manual. In addition, users of the manual are solely responsible for maintaining safe and appropriate practices when installing restraints or securing objects. Work on electrical systems, lift systems, pressure vessels, and certain other items described in the manual is inherently hazardous, and any work must be carried out by a professional tradesperson. All parties, including but not limited to GeoHazards International, GeoHazards Society, and Swiss Reinsurance Company, are not responsible for damage or consequences arising from the installation or application, properly or improperly, of measures described in this manual.


This manual was supported by reinsurer Swiss Re

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