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Novel Approaches

Our efforts that protect people from disasters are not limited to what has been done before. Each community has its unique context. What works in one may fail in another.


That’s why we develop approaches that are both locally-appropriate and feasible. Our role is catalyst and advisor. By harnessing local ingenuity, our programs empower societies to take on their challenges with confidence, now and in the future, based in science and evidence, inclusion.




“A few years down the line, we could be really proud and say, we remember that time, so many years ago, when we made the first earthquake table in Bhutan.”

Ido Bruno

Industrial designer and professor, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Israel.



Framed Infill Network


Global researchers, engineers, architects, builders and officials developed new design guidance to improve seismic behavior of concrete frames with masonry infill walls, a common building type.

Infrastructure Knowledge Exchange

Aizawl, Mizoram and Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Professionals in India and the United States shared best practices on seismic risk management and planning for municipal water utilities, focusing on hill cities with high earthquake hazard.

Safest Action During an Earthquake

Global, Haiti

A person’s immediate action when an earthquake begins makes a difference in safety. This evidence-based guidance emphasizes protective action for the local context.

Producing Affordable Earthquake Desks


Locally made Earthquake Desks are affordable, withstand heavy loads, and provide safer cover in schools that are not yet earthquake resistant.

Timoun an Aksyon (Kids in Action)

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

In their own voice and style, youth share new knowledge about extreme earthquake and coastal risks and how to take action for disaster resilience.


“I saw and sensed the magnitude of agony and suffering as well as the loss of lives in Aceh after the tsunami disaster of 2004, as the highest ranking Indonesian official supervising the rescue and evacuation of victims. This painful experience motivated me to support the noble endeavor of constructing a Tsunami Evacuation Park that will save more lives and mitigate more suffering,”

Alwi Abdurrahman Shihab

former foreign minister of Indonesia