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GeoHazards Legacy Giving Program 

Thank you for considering a donation through our GeoHazards International Legacy Giving Program. A planned gift, at any giving level, is a lasting investment in GeoHazards International’s work empowering underserved communities to be safer from disasters and to sustain resilience, as we have done for almost 30 years. 

If you are considering a legacy gift, we encourage you to determine which type of planned gift(s) is most appropriate for you. Some planned gifts provide tax benefits during your lifetime, while others help transfer assets and reduce or eliminate tax burdens on your estate. Please be sure to consult with your financial advisor, tax planner and/or your attorney before considering or making a legacy gift and how such gift may impact your financial planning or your taxes. There are different ways to arrange a meaningful gift, and we describe some of them below.​


"Throughout his life, my husband believed that the fortunate should give back to the community. Thus, when he heard of the desire to create an organization like GHI, he wanted to help. He witnessed GHI's launch, but died before its pilot project in Quito was completed and before all of GHI's subsequent progress. Because I know he would have been pleased with what GHI has become and its promise, I have decided to contribute to GHI in my husband's memory. Supporting GHI is our way of returning something to the world community."

Mrs Tama Suyama

Founding Partner, OYO Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Gift Designation

Legacy gifts, unless specifically designated by the donor, will be considered unrestricted and used where they are needed most. If the donor prefers, Legacy Gifts can be designated to support GeoHazards International in a number of different ways. GeoHazards International is grateful for both unrestricted and restricted gifts.


Unrestricted Gifts do not specify the use and allow GeoHazards International to use these resources where they are most needed.  


Restricted Gifts are designated for a specific purpose that advances our mission, such as support to a specific initiative or program. If you are interested in making a restricted gift, it is important that you include language to ensure that GeoHazards International may re-direct the use of your gift if the specified initiative, program or purpose ceases to need funds in the future:


Sample Language:

"I give, devise and bequeath to GeoHazards International the sum of $_____ to be used for the [insert name of program] for so long as GeoHazards International determines that the need exists. Should the need no longer exist, GeoHazards International may, in its sole discretion, direct the use of my bequest for a purpose related as closely as possible to that stated above."

We Want to Thank You

If you have included a gift for GeoHazards International in your estate plan, please let us know so that we can thank you for your special commitment. We would be honored to recognize you as a member of our GeoHazards International Legacy Giving Program, unless you prefer anonymity, and to include you in special updates and events on our progress and work. 

If you are considering making a Legacy Gift to GeoHazards International please use this online  Planned Giving Notification Form to notify us of your intention. Or if you prefer, you can print and mail form to us instead

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