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Our News

March 26, 2020

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this time of crisis. Our global GHI team members are healthy at the time of writing and our highest priority is to keep it that way. With offices in six countries, we are closely feeling the worldwide impacts of COVID-19.

In many ways, our operations hav...

March 8, 2020

At the age of 95, Mme Seide Dely of Anse-a-Veau, Haiti, at last had a family home that could stand up to the next earthquake, tsunami or hurricane thanks to GeoHazards International. She had survived three devastating disasters in Haiti, despite the fact that her previous homes had not.

Women elders, single mothers and...

January 13, 2020

Today, we honor the people across Haiti whose efforts, large and small, are building a future that is safer from disasters. Ten years ago, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, the densely populated capital. Losses were devastating. An estimated 220,000 - 316,000 people died, mostly in unsafe buildings...

December 29, 2019

As we greet the new year, let’s celebrate the people who don't settle for how things are. They envision a better future. And they insist on change.

Rattled by a swarm of small earthquakes near his hometown in Haiti, he asked our local team, "How do we make our school safe?"

Natural hazards strike rich and poor countries...

December 1, 2019

I want to share a recent thank you note from a city in Haiti:

“You came at just the right time. By building our capacity, you relieve our anxiety. We value your participative and inclusive approaches….in a quite traumatic period of [earthquake] swarms.” –the people of Anse-à-Veau

Donors like you make this possible. Did y...

October 25, 2019

Like many villagers in Nepal’s middle hills, Chet travels by foot on narrow trails. On a good day, going to school takes two hours each way, even for a fleet 12-year-old. GeoHazards International has been helping local leaders to take action that will make his world and school a whole lot safer, so that a disaster won’...

May 20, 2019

Posted by Hari Kumar, Regional Coordinator for South Asia  /  May 19, 2019

Last August, my home state of Kerala in south India received an extraordinary amount of rain not experienced in almost 100 years. Widespread flooding inundated coastal lowlands, and thousands of landslides in the hills killed nearly 500...

April 23, 2019

In the thin-aired Andean village of Chocos, Peru, a mason named Felix once told us, “Here, we have a poverty of knowledge, not of things.”

GeoHazards International worked with Felix and his neighbors to adapt their adobe construction practices and improve earthquake safety of Chocos’ school and homes. This collaboration...

January 8, 2019

I am delighted to introduce the new President of GeoHazards International: Veronica Cedillos. I hope you will be able to meet her soon. In the meantime, here are 7 things to know about her:

1. Veronica previously worked for GeoHazards International, living for extended periods in Peru, Indonesia, and Haiti.

She was based...

As we greet the new year, let’s celebrate the people who take on challenges, every day, in the world’s most vulnerable places.

They face obstacles, and sometimes they fall short. But they aspire to something great.

Thanks to your support, GeoHazards International is bringing together the leaders, planners, and doers who...

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