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Investing in Resilience Before Disasters

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

The recent earthquakes affecting Turkey and Syria are a stark reminder of the importance of investing in resilient communities. Natural hazard events, like these earthquakes, do not have to turn into widespread disasters. The key to saving lives and protecting people is in taking action in advance, and in sustaining action long after everyone forgets about the last devastating disaster. Read more of our thoughts on this here.

Did you know that only 4 cents of every dollar invested in global aid for natural disasters supports measures that keep people safe in the first place? This is why we do what we do.

We are deeply grateful for everyone who contributes to closing this gap. Today, we’re recognizing our corporate partners who are part of this community. They understand that investing in local leaders that can ensure resilient homes, schools, and hospitals in the long-term means a safer tomorrow. Our corporate partners’ financial support, as well as technical expertise, contribute to advancing our mission:

Saving lives by empowering at-risk communities worldwide

to build resilience ahead of disasters and climate impacts.

In their own words, here’s why they support GHI….

Thank you for helping us ensure a safer tomorrow, especially for those most at risk.

With deep gratitude,

Veronica Cedillos, President & CEO

GHI is grateful for the current support from the corporations listed below.

GeoHazards International

Bhutan · Dominican Republic · Haiti · India · Nepal · U.S.A.


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