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Sharing joy this Valentine’s day

In the spirit of love and gratitude, I wanted to share a recent video from a joyous ceremony with children celebrating their new earthquake-resistant school.

In partnership with the National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) and Godawari Municipality, we constructed a two-story earthquake-resistant school building. We integrated training for local masons, including women, in the process. Local leaders were engaged throughout.

The result? Trained masons are applying their new knowledge and skills in other ongoing construction, helping to make their community safer. Earthquakes pose a major threat in this part of Nepal and typical buildings in this region are very vulnerable to life-threatening damage. 

The community is in high spirits and empowered to take things forward. This Valentine's Day, we are sharing this joy and gratitude with our supporters like you who made this possible.

With appreciation,

Veronica Cedillos, President & CEO

GeoHazards International 

Bhutan · Dominican Republic · Haiti · India · Nepal · U.S.A.

 A special thank you to the generous individuals, foundations, and corporations who donated to support this project including the ones shown below:


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