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Supporting Thimphu’s Path to Safer Buildings

2019 - Present


Using models to identify and quantify building damage from two likely earthquakes affecting the capital city, the scenarios will inform land use planning and building codes to reduce risk.

Producing Affordable Earthquake Desks

2015 - 2018


Locally made Earthquake Desks are affordable, withstand heavy loads, and provide safer cover in schools that are not yet earthquake resistant.

Students with Visual Impairments Prepare for Disasters



A disaster preparedness plan and drills tailored for students with visual impairments, so they practice how to respond safely during and after emergencies.

Hospital Disaster Planning, Preparedness and Training

2013, 2016-2019


Emergency planning and realistic disaster simulations for staff at hospitals in Bhutan, plus mitigations to keep the facilities functioning post disaster.

Seismic Resilience Evaluations

2013, 2016 - 2018


This program developed practice in Bhutan to identify the structural vulnerabilities of local buildings before an earthquake occurs, which can inform risk mitigation, and developed detailed guidance for life-safety evaluations of local buildings after an earthquake, which can help the country manage efficient recovery.

Bhutan National School Earthquake Safety Day



An annual learning event and simultaneous national school drill for all schools in Bhutan, which lies in a high seismic zone.

Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Beneficiary Needs

2011 - 2012


A study of earthquake risk reduction activities, needs, and barriers, to help guide GEM’s future tool and resource development for users who are not risk assessment experts.

National Action Plans for School and Hospital Earthquake Safety

2010 - 2015

India, Bhutan

These consensus-based action plans, which include ways to prepare for and reduce risk in schools and health facilities, were adopted into national policy.

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