Hospital Projects

Hospital Disaster Planning, Preparedness and Training



Emergency planning and realistic disaster simulations for staff at hospitals in Bhutan, plus mitigations to keep the facilities functioning post disaster.

National Action Plans for School and Hospital Earthquake Safety


India, Bhutan

These consensus-based action plans, which include ways to prepare for and reduce risk in schools and health facilities, were adopted into national policy.

Seismic Resilience Evaluations



Engineers gained skills to assess structural vulnerability of Bhutan’s schools and health facilities, so that the government could evaluate post-earthquake safety of buildings.

Hospital Preparedness and Disaster Training


India, Global

A manual and intensive training program for staff to back up utility systems, anchor objects, practice response, and prepare their hospitals to function through disasters.

Disaster Scenarios for Risk-Informed Planning


West Nepal

Scenarios of a plausible earthquake quantify impacts, including more than 50% of schools damaged, and guide communities to reduce extreme risk before a disaster.

Seismic Retrofit of Key Delhi Buildings


Delhi, India

Engineers gained on-the-job experience to design and install retrofit solutions for a large school, which cost less than to rebuild and became a model.

Community Earthquake Safety Central Asia


Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Created school programs and disseminated disaster awareness materials to over 50% of schoolchildren in cities with high seismic risk:Tashkent, Dushanbe and Almaty.

Kathmandu Priority Hospitals Seismic Assessment


Kathmandu, Nepal

Prioritized short and long-term changes to improve post-disaster function of hospitals that provide critical medical services for a large number of people.

Review and Field Test of the Global Hospital Safety Index


Solomon Islands, Nepal

Technical review and field testing of a World Health Organization (WHO) tool to screen hospitals’ vulnerabilities to multiple hazards as well as their level of emergency and disaster preparedness.

Kathmandu Hospital Pre and Post Earthquake Assessments Compared


Kathmandu, Nepal

Two Kathmandu hospitals had been assessed for disaster preparedness just before the 2015 M7.8 Gorkha earthquake. Pre- and post-earthquake findings are compared.