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Helping Avert Catastrophes, 2013 Update

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I am excited to share highlights of GeoHazards International’s work in 2013. From reducing landslide and earthquake risk in the Himalayas to developing tsunami evacuation parks in Indonesia—and more—we help communities avert catastrophes. GHI works with communities before disaster strikes, in order to save lives, reduce suffering, and build prosperous societies. To read more detail, view our 2013 newsletter or visit our website.

Addressing Severe Landslide Risk in Aizawl, India

Landslides wreak constant havoc in Aizawl, the ridge-top capital of northeast India’s Mizoram state. GHI, with support from reinsurer Munich Re, is helping Aizawl understand why and where dangerous landslides will likely occur and is helping the city plan for safer development. More…

Concept to Prototype: Innovative Tsunami Evacuation Parks

The coastal city of Padang, Indonesia faces one of the highest tsunami risks in the world. Half of its 900,000 residents live within the inundation zone and cannot reach high ground within 30 minutes (the time between a major earthquake and the ensuing tsunami). GHI developed a concept for man-made hills, topped with parks that will also provide high ground during tsunamis. More…

Network Drafts Guide to Improve a Vulnerable Building Type’s Design

Tens of thousands of people died when buildings of a common type―concrete frames with masonry infill walls―collapsed during earthquakes. Though poor construction or lack of engineering sometimes caused the failure, faulty design was a major factor. GHI formed a group of international specialists to improve how this building type is designed and built, and they drafted a manual to teach engineers. More…

Bhutan Inaugurates Annual School Earthquake Drill

On a single day in September, every student in Bhutan took shelter under a desk. They were practicing what to do when an earthquake strikes, as part of Bhutan’s first nationwide school preparedness drill, coordinated by GHI. More…


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