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Because of You: 2016 Year of Impact

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I am excited to share with you some good news from communities where GeoHazards International is working. People are becoming safer from natural disasters. Donor gifts, which make up almost half of our annual budget, have opened the door to this progress. A few highlights:

  • Geologists and engineers in Aizawl, India are learning to identify and reduce landslide risk, and local government will be enforcing new controls on excavations. The fast-growing city, which has extreme landslide risk, is taking steps to protect people.

  • Carpenters and welders in Bhutan produced their country's first Earthquake Desks, which are far sturdier than standard school desks. Schoolchildren can have affordable, safer cover while efforts are underway to fix unsafe school buildings.

  • Community organizations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are preparing the public for future hazard events, so that even the most vulnerable people, such as children and single mothers, will be better protected from tragedy.

  • Doctors, nurses and hospital managers in Bhutan are learning of their hospitals' earthquake vulnerability. They are taking action to be able to function and to care for patients after a disaster.

Your gift this year will help us continue to build local skills and resources before earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and storms destroy lives. It supports bright people who are laying the groundwork for resilience.

You can read more in our annual newsletter: GeoHazards International 2016 Highlights. Feel free to forward it to friends.


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