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A Safer Tomorrow?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

This year, disasters claimed too many innocent victims around the world. Who can fathom losing everything, or those you love, so suddenly?

We asked a few of our team to tell you about where they live and work--in Haiti, northeast India, and far west Nepal. Your gift could help to protect people in these communities from future disasters.

“In North Haiti, we urgently need refuge from tsunamis and storm surge. This is low-lying land. It will be impossible for most people to reach higher ground before tsunami waves overrun their neighborhoods.”

Garmalia Mentor-William, M.D. GHI Haiti Representative

2017 Hurricane Irma damage, North Haiti. Photo: social media

A solution: Create elevated parks. Each could hold about 20,000 people until waters recede.

“Everyone could get to the park quickly in an emergency. But on most days, we would use it for soccer, baseball, or just a walk.”

Your gift helps Haitians to move this idea forward.

“In Aizawl, Mizoram everyone knows a person who died in a landslide. We helped create new hazard maps and regulations to control building on slopes. Now Mizoram needs more local experts who understand landslide triggers.”

Lalrinpuii Tlau GHI Mitigation Specialist, Mizoram

Aizawl geologists training to identify slope hazards. Photo: Lalrinpuii Tlau

Aizawl engineers, geologists and planners have asked GeoHazards International for additional technical training to implement changes in India’s most populous hill city.

"All eyes are on Aizawl to see if we can make our city safer."

Your gift helps the Mizo people to succeed, so other hill cities will follow their lead.

“In far west Nepal, not everyone knows we expect a very big earthquake. Districts are rushing to build roads, homes and schools. But poor planning sets the stage for disaster. Now is our chance to push for safe growth instead.”

Lokendra Bhatta GHI Field Officer, far west Nepal

Far west Nepal is plagued by landslides, which kill people, sever their power and water lines, and cut them off from the outside. Photo: Lalrinpuii Tlau

Local engineers and planners have asked GeoHazards International to develop detailed maps that show underlying geologic conditions.

"In these mountains, many struggle just to get by. They’re stranded if landslides block roads. We know there’s a better way."

Your gift helps Nepalis to make smart choices that will affect the safety of their people for generations to come.

Every gift to GeoHazards International touches the lives of real people, for the long haul. That's because we're on the ground before a disaster, bringing resources for a safer tomorrow.

Thank you so very much for your generous donation. We will invest it with great care.

Kind regards,

Brian Tucker, President and the entire team at GeoHazards International

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