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Companies with Heart

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Our corporate partners, led by people with heart and vision, enhance our nonprofit work in many ways. They provide opportunity as well as funding. And I am thrilled to report that their generosity continues despite the business uncertainties of COVID-19. Here are six ways:

1. Steadfast support

GeoHazards International was founded in 1991 with a substantive grant and moral support from OYO Corporation of Japan and founder Dr. Kunio Suyama. President & CEO Masaru Narita has carried on this special relationship. Our progress these many years has been possible thanks to continuing contributions of OYO the corporation and OYO the people. Their mission "to contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society" aligns closely with our own.

Masaru Narita, President & CEO of OYO Corporation (second from left) welcomed Veronica Cedillos, President & CEO of GHI, joined by retiring GHI founder Brian Tucker and GHI Board member Yasunori Shoji.

2. Mentor and champion

Our corporate sponsors provide not only critical funding but also encouragement and inspiration. They understand the great potential and the challenges in our work. I appreciate each note and call. Ashraf Habibullah, President & CEO of Computers & Structures, Inc., a major sponsor, passionately promotes the value of structural engineers like many on our staff.

“The beauty of structural engineering is that you make life better for humanity on a daily basis.” Ashraf Habibullah, President and CEO of Computers & Structures, Inc.

3. Pro bono services

Corporate partners have provided pro bono services in their area of expertise. These contributions enrich the experience of the corporation’s staff as well as the professionals in communities where we work.

For Supporting Thimphu’s Path to Safer Buildings, a working group brought together experts from Bhutan’s Dept. of Disaster Management, Dept. of Geology and Mines, Dept. of Engineering Services, Dept. of Human Settlements, Thimphu Thromde (City), AIR Worldwide, and GeoHazards International.

4. Technical collaboration

Our network of specialists in private practice provides us with top-notch technical advice at a deep discount. These experts bring extensive practical knowledge to the issues at hand, and they appreciate the opportunity to work alongside colleagues and local experts in underserved communities.

Landslide expert Kevin Clahan of Lettis Consultants International discusses risk mitigation along the main road in remote western Nepal.

5. Serving on our Board of Trustees

Some of our board members come from the corporate world, and their companies support our work. Their personal interest in our mission keeps that connection dynamic.

“Seeing the smiles on faces of local school children whom we serve makes funding GHI’s mission so impactful. With great pride and humility, Silman and its staff continue to support this important work. We hope others can share in this as well.”

- Joseph Tortorella, Principal Emeritus of Silman & Chair of GeoHazards International Board of Trustees

6. Matching grants for fundraising campaigns

Corporations offer dollar-for-dollar matching grants for our annual fundraising campaign. This allows individual donors to double the impact of their gift, which gives a boost to our campaign.

Warm Regards,

Veronica Cedillos, President & CEO

GeoHazards International

Bhutan · Dominican Republic · Haiti · India · Nepal · U.S.A.

Thanks to these corporate partners, we’re working with communities to stay ahead of disasters, by taking action to protect and prepare.

Other Sponsors: Maffei Structural Engineering, Résonance Ingénieurs-Conseils SA, Cameron MacAllister, Seismic Isolation Engineering, Inc., Lenaco Corp, Triangle Engineering, Guy Nordenson and Associates, Enova Engineering, Melvyn Green & Associates, Kircher & Associates


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