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GHI’s  staff is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, including earthquake science, engineering, medicine, law, communications, finance and international development. 

Heidi Stenner

Project Manager

Richland, Washington, US


Ms. Stenner has more than 22 years of experience helping communities better understand and prepare for earthquakes and other natural hazards. Recently, she has investigated landslides in Kerala, India, to provide the local government with recommended mitigation measures. She has contributed to several scientifically rigorous disaster scenarios for western Nepal that assist communities and officials in recognizing their risks. They also offer recommendations for how to reduce the impacts, and be safer, from earthquakes and landslides. She has worked on improving school safety from landslides and earthquakes in Aizawl, India. She also has investigated the effects of major, damaging earthquakes and the landslides and other secondary hazards they trigger, in Turkey, China, and Mexico, and Japan. In addition, Ms. Stenner has investigated historic and prehistoric large earthquakes in the US, Mongolia, Argentina, and Mexico. She has investigated several major landslides impacting critical infrastructure and homes in the U.S. to determine cause and support mitigation.

Beyond natural hazard investigations, Ms. Stenner has worked with the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on raising disaster awareness and motivating action to prepare among communities, businesses, and organizations. She developed a regional youth preparedness council and has assisted large and small groups in developing their internal emergency training, planning, and exercise programs. She managed an interactive, public earthquake exhibit and volunteered with several disaster agencies, including the American Red Cross. Ms. Stenner has received awards for her work, including a certificate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for leadership in earthquake readiness activities, Disaster Service Awards from the American Red Cross, and from the U.S. Geological Survey for excellence in communications.

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