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Earthquake Scenarios, Nepal


Rukum (West)



These scenarios show potential consequences of a major earthquake in three districts and their headquarter municipalities: 

  • Dadeldhura District and Amargadhi municipality, Sudurpashchim Province

  • Rukum (West) District and Musikot municipality, Karnali Province 

  • Bajhang District, and and Jayaprithivi municipality, Sudurpashchim Province


A very large earthquake threatens to rupture beneath this region and would cause widespread collapse of homes, schools, and health facilities because buildings are not yet earthquake resistant. Thousands of people would be injured or killed. Hundreds of landslides, triggered by intense shaking, would block roads and isolate families in the rugged hills. Extensive damage to water supply, communications and power systems would create further hardship. 


These details come to life through realistic scenarios created to show specific consequences and encourage action now that improves resilience. A storyline follows local characters and includes practical lessons to prepare. Appendices contain detailed technical findings of use to local decision makers as they manage safe growth and plan disaster response.

BUILDINGS Rukum Janise DSC06371 (1).JPG
BUILDINGS Bajhang Hari DSC03865 (1)_edit
Dadeldhura Downloads
Rukum (West) Downloads
Bajhang Downloads

Available documents:

Separate Appendices:

Available documents:

Separate Appendices:

Available documents:

Separate Appendices:

This participatory effort to increase risk awareness and earthquake resilience in Nepal is part of the Promoting Agriculture, Health and Alternative Livelihoods (PAHAL) program, a large, multi-sector, food security program overseen by Mercy Corps and made possible by the generous support of the American people and USAID.

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