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Rapid Post Earthquake Community-Sourced Data Collection



A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Haiti’s southern peninsula in August 2021, causing extensive building failures that killed thousands.

School Seismic Vulnerability Assessments & Engineers’ Training

2020 - Present

Amargadhi, Nepal

Westernmost Nepal, is threatened by a major earthquake that most of its buildings, including most schools, have not been designed or built to withstand. This places schoolchildren at great risk, and common school construction practices need to be made safer.

Rapid Diagnostic of School Infrastructure



A series of earthquakes and hurricanes since 2008 have caused significant damage to Haiti’s school infrastructure and completely destroyed numerous schools. This project for the World Bank developed a better picture of the risk factors and challenges across the country. Our team’s findings and recommendations will help the Government of Haiti to prioritize measures for improving school facilities and the safety of students.

Timoun an Aksyon (Kids in Action)

2019 - 2022

Cap-Haïtien, North Haiti

In their own voice and style, youth in Cap-Haïtien share new knowledge about their city’s extreme earthquake and coastal risks, and how to take action for disaster resilience.

Family Preparedness for Earthquakes

2016 - 2023

Haiti, Dominican Republic

This promoted preparedness steps specific to where people live, and in plain language explained the science behind local risk. Outreach in Kreyol, French, Spanish, and English.

Disaster Scenarios for Risk-Informed Planning

2016 - 2019

West Nepal

Scenarios of a plausible earthquake quantify impacts, including more than 50% of schools damaged, and guide communities to reduce extreme risk before a disaster.

Producing Affordable Earthquake Desks

2015 - 2018


Locally made Earthquake Desks are affordable, withstand heavy loads, and provide safer cover in schools that are not yet earthquake resistant.

Students with Visual Impairments Prepare for Disasters



A disaster preparedness plan and drills tailored for students with visual impairments, so they practice how to respond safely during and after emergencies.

Seismic Resilience Evaluations

2013, 2016 - 2018


This program developed practice in Bhutan to identify the structural vulnerabilities of local buildings before an earthquake occurs, which can inform risk mitigation, and developed detailed guidance for life-safety evaluations of local buildings after an earthquake, which can help the country manage efficient recovery.

Mentoring Women in Engineering and Geology

2013 - 2016

Aizawl, India

An undergraduate internship included real world field study and a research report, which aligned with their studies and prepared them to apply for graduate school and pursue professional careers.

Safest Action During an Earthquake

2013 - 2015

Global, Haiti

A person’s immediate action when an earthquake begins makes a difference in safety. This evidence-based guidance emphasizes protective action for the local context.

Bhutan National School Earthquake Safety Day



An annual learning event and simultaneous national school drill for all schools in Bhutan, which lies in a high seismic zone.

Protecting School Children from Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes


APEC Economies

A comprehensive program that outlines how to keep students out of harm’s way who live in high-risk earthquake, tsunami, and volcano hazard zones in APEC countries.

National Action Plans for School and Hospital Earthquake Safety

2010 - 2015

India, Bhutan

These consensus-based action plans, which include ways to prepare for and reduce risk in schools and health facilities, were adopted into national policy.

School Earthquake Safety in Rural Peru

2010 - 2011

Chocos, Peru

Villagers helped masons to seismically retrofit the local adobe school. In the process, they learned why and how to build in ways that resist earthquake damage.

Annual India School Earthquake Drills



Students and staff of Tibetan schools in north India states first participated in a 2009 earthquake drill that now occurs annually and in many more schools across India.

Delhi Area School Earthquake Preparedness

2008 - 2015

Delhi Area, India

Volunteers from an engineering company’s local office taught students, faculty and parents about disaster risk, preparedness, and how to mitigate specific vulnerabilities in buildings.

Advancing Earthquake Engineering Practice and Instruction

2007 - 2011


Developed university earthquake engineering curriculum and supported strengthening of graduate program; advanced structural analysis capacity and extensively mentored practicing engineers.

Earthquake Safety of the Tibetan Community

2006 - 2009

Dharamshala, India

An effort to develop seismic strengthening and protect contents for a key building, raise awareness, and prepare schools in the city that is home to the Tibetan government-in-exile.

OECD School Earthquake Safety Policy

2004 - 2005

OECD Countries

Guidance for nations to develop an effective school earthquake safety program, approved by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Seismic Retrofit of Key Delhi Buildings

2002 - 2008

Delhi, India

Engineers gained on-the-job experience to design and install retrofit solutions for a large school, which cost less than to rebuild and became a model.

Community Earthquake Safety Central Asia

2002 - 2005

Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Created school programs and disseminated disaster awareness materials to over 50% of schoolchildren in cities with high seismic risk:Tashkent, Dushanbe and Almaty.

Earthquake Vulnerability of Gujarat Schools

2001 - 2002


This study found significant earthquake vulnerability in Gujarat public school buildings and recommended steps to reduce and mitigate the risk.

Disaster Preparedness for Schools in Turkey



This innovative online disaster awareness curriculum, including self-study and teacher training, scaled nationwide and reached remote corners of Turkey.

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