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How Do They Do It?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I often marvel at the people who make up GHI’s team around the world. One thing they have in common is that they all live amid high hazard, just like their neighbors, and they have the talents and resolve to influence change. I thought you might like to meet some of them.

Gefthé Devilmé and Garmalia Mentor-William in Haiti

Since Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti last week, Garmalia Mentor-William and Gefthé Dévilmé have been helping communities recover. Gefthé lives in Anse-à-Veau, a southern city that took a direct hit. Garmalia, a medical doctor, lives in Cap-Haitien in the North. They each speak 4 languages, and their combined experience in public health and community programs greatly enhances GHI’s work to help people prepare for the next big earthquake, tsunami or storm.

Hari Kumar is based in New Delhi, India and oversees South Asia projects

On the other side of the world in India, Hari Kumar, a civil engineer, might be showing schoolchildren what to do in an earthquake, meeting with government officials about strategies to reduce risk, or training engineers how to plan for disasters. Always on the go, he might even be in Myanmar, Nepal or Bhutan advising people how to make schools and hospitals safer.

Lalrinpuii Tlau on the radio in Aizawl, India

Lalrinpuii Tlau coordinates GHI efforts in Aizawl, India and grew up in the region. She recently reached out to fellow residents via the radio and found that answering call-ins is great fun. People had lots of questions about earthquakes and landslides, and she made sure they got the right information.

Karma Doma Tshering and Sonam Tenzin in Bhutan

Karma Doma Tshering in Thimphu, Bhutan keeps innovations on track with gentle persistence. She is leading GHI's program to train manufacturers to produce Earthquake Desks in Bhutan and, with the Ministry of Education, to identify school buildings most vulnerable to earthquakes. At key hospitals, her focus is to develop emergency preparedness plans with administrators and the Ministry of Health. Sonam Tenzin is GHI's logistics virtuoso in Bhutan. In his spare time he organizes and plays on a GHI soccer team!

A spirited lunch celebrating GHI's 25th anniversary at our Menlo Park, California office

Many of GHI’s accomplishments stem from relationships our staff builds in the communities where they have lived and worked for many years. If you are a GHI donor, consider yourself part of those communities too.

Kind Regards,

Brian Tucker, President

P.S. Looking for an interesting lunch chat? We invite you to brown bag it with us if you find yourself in Menlo Park, California.


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