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To You, Our Heartfelt Thanks

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Thanks to you and our ​community of ​supporters,​ local people are taking on challenges each day in some of the world's most at-risk places.

Natural ​disasters​ strike rich and poor societies alike, but the poor suffer far more. Step by step, we work to close that gap, to prevent tragedies. You make this possible.

We send you our heartfelt thanks, in the video below, from Bhutan, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Nepal, and the U.S.A.

Your contribution​s​ power work that is so important—supporting ​local ​leaders​, families, and everyday heroes as they ​take​ their communities on ​a safer​ path forward.

​W​arm wishes to you and your loved ones for a new year filled with hope and resilience​.

Veronica Cedillos, President & CEO

GeoHazards International 

Bhutan · Dominican Republic · Haiti · India · Nepal · U.S.A.



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