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Kids Need Safe Schools. We Need You.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When earthquakes destroy fragile schools lives are lost, dreams shattered. Children cut off from school may never resume their studies. You can change that.

Until June 14, generous sponsors will match donations to GeoHazards International, up to $50,000. It’s for our WeCare2017 campaign.

These girls attend class in an earthquake-resistant school, thanks to a program that trained local masons in seismic reinforcement.

Your gift brings in international experts who work side-by-side with local engineers, the community, and our staff. Together, we devise affordable solutions that protect people.

See the blue stripes on the building below? Those mark reinforcing bands, one of the earthquake-resistant features promoted by GeoHazards International and NSET, our Nepali partner. All schools retrofitted by NSET survived the 2015 earthquake while thousands of others were destroyed.

In the 2015 Nepal earthquake, an unreinforced masonry school collapsed (left) while the library built to resist earthquakes was undamaged. Photo:Room to Read

Your gift brings urgently needed funds to educate, train, and inspire people in vulnerable communities to take action before a disaster. The WeCare2017 challenge makes this a great time to consider a larger gift, or one in addition to your year-end donation.​

On behalf of the worldwide GeoHazards International team, thank you for your support.

Anne Sanquini

Director of Development

P.S. You may recall the SVGives fundraising event of past years. It’s been discontinued, so we launched our own WeCare2017. Thanks to the companies below, we have a $50,000 challenge! Please help us win, and double your impact.


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